10 Ways a Retreat Can Change Your Life:

When we are clear about our intentions for going on a retreat, it enhances the whole retreat experience. Following are a number of ways that a retreat can change your life.


It’s inspiring to step into a new space that’s serene, beautiful and healing. It encourages the spirit to soar like nothing else and helps us let go of the old and open up to the new.

During the retreat experience, when you are relaxed and have a clearer sense of perspective, it is easier to identify your limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors that don’t support your intentions of the way you wish to live. In this environment, you are supported and guided to align your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors to your intentions and walk away feeling connected with your inner self.

One:To Strengthen Your Core Foundation

Going on retreat enables women to strengthen their foundation, by building their energy levels and recovering from stress. There are many ways this can be done:

Gentle exercise, good nutrition and hydration, relaxation, meditation, spending time in nature and connecting with women on the same path.

Taking time out for retreat is about acknowledging our need to reduce stress and recover from mental, physical and emotional tensions. As we let go of stress, our adrenal glands stop producing such high levels of stress hormones and our body returns to a more balanced state, supporting physical and emotional harmony.

Our body and mind are linked, so caring for our physical wellbeing has a natural flow-on effect for our emotional health. When we’re healthy, we feel vital and alive and engaged with life, which helps us to feel positive in our attitude.

Two: To Align Your Beliefs, Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors to Your Intentions

It’s so much easier to heal and regenerate yourself when you’re away from your usual environment. It can provide a sense of perspective that’s hard to achieve when you’re in the middle of your everyday life

Three: To Practice Self Love

As women, we spend a lot of time thinking about and worrying about others. When we withdraw our attention, care and energy from others and focus these same energies towards our self, we find that we can heal and renew ourselves. The retreat experience allows us to do this.

Sometimes we resist focusing on ourselves because we are fearful about what we might find. But on retreat, in the safety and company of like-minded women, we can gently work through any resistance to focusing within, and change any negative thought patterns we find by practicing self love. When we do so, we connect with our own unique spirit, our divine sacred self.

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Four: To Allow Yourself to Step Into Your Inspired Self

Retreats provide practices and tools that make all the difference to how we feel about ourselves. During the Women-N-Spirit retreats we may use NLP, reiki and hypnotherapy, meditation and yoga, inner reflection, journaling and sacred conversation to guide you on your journey. Many women love to use these nourishing tools but lack the confidence or knowledge about how to use these tools.

Retreats can kickstart our commitment and confidence about using these wonderful tools. During a retreat, your creative potential is activated and insights into the questions deep in your heart are gently revealed.

When we exercise the right side of our brain, the more creative, sensory and feeling side, we start to pay more attention to our inner life. We develop the practice of respectfully noticing our needs and feelings and working with them in gentle and self-nurturing ways. Becoming more attuned to ourselves, and using these self-nourishing tools on ourselves, allows us to step into our inspired selves.

Five: To Experience Fun and Pleasure

Most women’s retreats are geared towards empowerment. When we allow ourselves to receive pleasure, beauty, laughter and enjoyment, we stimulate our life force and activate our inner healing potential. This is so much easier to do with like-minded women who are also there to enjoy themselves.

Research shows that pleasure, laughter and joy releases vital hormones such as Serotonin and Oxytocin, both of which act to lower stress, lift our mood, and boost our immune system. Fun and pleasure are not to be underestimated. They’re often the key in transforming our lives. When we decide to live from a place of joy and happiness, we infuse our life with childlike awe and wonderment.

Often women have to be encouraged to let go and enjoy themselves. Going on retreat is about giving yourself the gift of fun and pleasure. Being on a women’s retreat can be enormously joyful, reminding us of our true nature: bliss.

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Six: To Honor Your Divine Sacred Self

Many women crave more time and space in their lives, but also want to stay in meaningful connection with others at the same time. Retreats provide you with personal space and reflection time, while also offering you deepened connections and a sense of belonging with other women.

We believe that honoring your divine sacred self by giving yourself time and space allows new thoughts, feelings, perspectives and insights about your life to arise. In the spaciousness of retreat life, you can experience yourself simply as your divine sacred self.

Seven: To Clarify Your Dreams and Desires

In retreat, women are able to delve deeply into their dreams and desires, and get clear on their goals and what they really want. In a safe space, they can explore and work out their next steps in life and find reasons to be inspired about the future.

Sometimes we feel stuck about our dreams and desires, we’re just not sure what we want or where we’re going. The first step is to recognize this and make the decision to get unstuck. This might involve releasing old fears or limiting beliefs or healing something from the past. Sometimes we feel stuck about our future because we’ve been trying to work it out in our head.

Making space for stillness and inner peace helps us to open up from a deeper place within ourselves, often dissolving our blocks and getting us flowing again.


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Eight: To Strengthen Your Connection to Your Intuition and Inner Wisdom

Going on retreat gives you the opportunity to strengthen your intuition and inner wisdom, so you can be well guided in your life. This is possibly the most important aspect of the retreat experience and certainly one of the most profound benefits. Intuition is a wonderful gift which connects your physical self with your divine sacred self. You can develop your intuition through meditation and yoga, visualization, reflection and spending time in nature.

Intuition can be of great benefit in our lives, especially during times of stress or difficulty. When we’re facing challenges, we can sometimes feel frightened or desperate because our normal everyday coping methods may not work well in such circumstances. It’s during these times that we’re called upon to tap into our inner resources to find the guidance we need.

When women are supported, they are able to connect with their intuition and inner wisdom more easily. This inner connection is the core of the retreat experience and brings peace of mind. The more we can connect to the guiding force within us, the more we can trust ourselves, our choices and our life. We leave the retreat ready to live life from a place of greater authenticity.

Nine: To Nourish the Divine Feminine Within You

On a retreat, you can slow down and tune into the deeper feminine energies of your inner being, your Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine has incredible gifts for us, if we can cultivate a relationship with her.

The Divine Feminine is that part of us that’s intuitive and receptive, wise and soulful, and that embraces joy and gratitude, passion and meaning. She is open to the moment and savors what life is really all about—the journey, not the destination. She calls to us when we’ve lived life too much from the masculine or yang side, from too much doing and achieving, and invites us to connect with her again.

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Ten: To Honor What You Were Created to Be, Do and Have

Retreats help us live in the moment. Life is an adventure and an opportunity. For most women, going on retreat is very rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting. It opens the mind, refuels the soul, and makes life interesting. It offers a daily practice of giving thanks and living in the moment.

Many women want to follow their desires, but worry about whether it’s really okay for them to put themselves first. Putting oneself first is often the most important step in honoring what you were created to be, do and have. When you do this, you value your own dreams and desires. And in doing so, you inspire others to do the same.

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