Women-N-Spirit Retrears

The Spirited Women Retreat

Our Spirited Women Retreat gives us a place to get away – and connect!
Come spend 3 days and gain connections and lifelong tips to calm the waters of change.

I believe that each of us was created to deliver unique gifts to the world. However, these gifts can be hidden because of the challenges we have experienced and the pain these challenges have created. Menopause, Divorce, Job Loss, Trauma, No matter what the issue, when we let the pain of the past run our life, we can not express and share our gifts, and the world cannot receive them. Release the pain and un-resourceful behavior patterns and get a clear vision of what you want in life. Learn how to manage your emotions so you can honor your gifts and share them with the world. Together we will break through the barriers of limiting patterns of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have kept you from being all that you were created to be. 

Join us and create your patterns of success!

How a Spirited Women’s Retreat Can Change Your Life

“The World Is Waiting For YOU”

Are you questioning your life’s story or even the chapter you are living?

Perhaps you’re seeking support, understanding and answers.

Are you facing life’s challenges, changes or at a crossroads?

Then our Women-N-Spirit retreat was created just for you!

Treat yourself to a weekend away from your busy life to focus fully on YOUR future and what truly matters.

You’ll experience three full days of interactive, educational and inspiring group empowerment activities designed to create lasting change in your life! Together we will peel back the layers to unveil your true self…THE self you were born to be.

During the retreat, you will:

  • Experience techniques to release self-limiting beliefs, negativity and past pain in your life so you can experience positive, healthy well-being.
  • Have the opportunity to create a shift in perspective and instill purpose back in your life.
  • Discover your unique gifts and put your future into action.
  • Enhance your ability to reconnect with your wisdom, purpose, and intuition.
  • Tap into your emotional, intellectual and spiritual capabilities and learn skills to nurture healthier relationships and build your confidence like never before.
  • Experience the power of making small changes in your life that will create big results.

3-Day Retreat Living by Design
thru the Divine Weekend 

Tuition $1297.00: Register with a friend and save $300.00 each!
(up to 30 days prior 
to the event)
Use Coupon Code “sistersister
Call Sandra for details: 802-598-6078.
  • Women-N-Spirit Workbook
  • Engaging Group Activities
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Integrative Exercises
  • Past Trauma Release
  • Step into the co-creator within
  • Women’s Social Reception
  • “Calming the Waters of Change”