Women-N-Spirit Mission

Our goal is to inspire and motivate you to experience more joy, love, inspiration and connection in your life.
Our caring Women-n-Spirit coaches provide a safe environment for you to learn techniques that will
enable you to find the best parts of yourself. Join us in this unforgettable journey!

I’m Sandra. Forming Women-n-Spirit is a lifelong dream for me.

I’ve always had an interest in helping women by tapping into the mind-body-spirit connection. In doing so, we can stop ourselves from being treated as “less than.” We can move away from the jealousy, abuse and victim mindset that keeps us from being our best, divine selves.

I personally experienced some of these unproductive feelings and at times found it easier to disconnect from my spiritual center. My own unmet needs became unresourceful behaviors, and I realized I needed to heal myself in order to be a truly effective and resourceful person. The key was aligning my mind, body and spirit with my values.

Once I came into a mindset driven by values rather than by needs, life became easier. Things fell into place. Today, I’m fulfilling my dream of helping other women experience a life full of the values that make them happy. Not only that, but I will teach you the skills to stay connected through self healing and relearning unhealthy patterns.

As a Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy coach and trainer for Bennett/Stellar University, I’ve leveraged the gifts of several effective coaching and therapeutic methods for you. Women-n-Spirit brings them all into one program in which you will overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors that have kept you from stepping into the best version of yourself.

I can’t wait to continue my journey by connecting with women around the world from my home base in Sedona. I also provide individualized coaching through Pure Potential Coaching and inspiring presentations to groups of any size.

My intuition and unique suite of holistic methods accelerates personal and professional growth more rapidly than traditional coaching. Together, we can remap your mind for success so you can lead a fuller, more satisfying life!

 – Sandra Vesterstein, Founder

I am Jill. My life’s journey has been a winding road full of many highs and lows. In my seeking how to live an extraordinary life and fully activate my own human potential, I joined paths with Sandra and Women-n-Spirit!

I spent 20 years in the fitness industry, working with thousands of people on their personal journeys. At the core they all wanted the same things – to be happy, healthy and feel good about themselves, they just didn’t have to the tools to get there.
I was compelled to discover how we can ALL live a life full of joy, love, connection, freedom, success and peace. I traveled in China and immersed myself in the study of the healing arts of Tai Chi, Qigong, and breath work, which you’ll experience at the retreat.

It is my honor to guide you to:

  • free yourself from the tribe mentality so that you are free to unveil your unique essence, shine it into the world and maintain your sovereignty
  • teach you how to shift into a state of mind that activates your natural blueprint of health and healing
  • heal past trauma so that you can move forward with ease and joy
  • teach you how to ‘fill your cup’, so that you can continually give from a surplus of life force energy

Life is meant to be an extraordinary adventure, exciting, creative and fun! We’ll use my training in the universal laws of co-creation, energetic healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and hypnotherapy to get into that game and simultaneously deliver your unique gift to the world!

 – Jill VanBodegom-Smith

I’m Lorrie, the founder of Empower Your Life Hypnotherapy LLC. My practice specializes in the development of empowering people who are ready to create a life of fulfillment and success.

Clients are quickly able to identify limiting beliefs, clarify goals, reawaken and discover parts of themselves that have been latent. We explore new perspectives, stimulate new learning and capitalize on natural abilities.

Having served as Guardian ad litem, practicing Nero linguistic Hypnotherapy and achieving financial freedom from a challenging 30+ year business career, I have the unique ability and experience that benefits my clients resulting in their success.

Unique benefits and advantages:

  • I align correlating science with the techniques and processes which in turns deepens understanding resulting in faster goal attainment.
  • I focus on building healthy self-confidence and demystify using intuition at a higher level, while releasing useless feelings of resentment, anxiety, insecurity…
  • I teach techniques to communicate so others will listen, hear and understand you. Your perception of others will be elevated and result in better connections and clearer boundaries going forward.

I look forward to our paths meeting soon, so we can accomplish our purpose together.

 – Lorrie Scaggs

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