Do you feel tired or overwhelmed? Have you made yourself insignificant so others can feel powerful? Do you feel ignored? Invisible?

Or do you watch on from a distance as others attain their dreams, wondering when it will be your turn?


Do you want to take your coaching practice to the next level? Have you considered specializing, and aren’t sure what that might look or feel like?

Do you find women in particular are drawn to your energy and coaching style, even though you haven’t consciously chosen to focus on women’s issues?

Or, do you sense that working with women is your calling, and desire more skills to be the best possible coach for them?

Allow Sandra to take care of and guide you. It’s time to put your needs and desires first so you can step into your light, embody your authentic self, and be all you can be. Think of this as a spa for the emotional self.

Now, I want you to imagine yourself and/or each and every one of your current—and future—female clients as they experience the benefit and value of women-centered coaching.

Do you have that picture in your mind? How does that feel? Good, right?


The Women-N-Spirit retreats are specifically designed with you and your clients in mind!
Whether you’re ready to empower yourself or add a new platform to your coaching practice, in Women-N-Spirit, you’ll learn how to. . .

Be congruent from the inside out
Choose your thoughts rather than excuse your behaviors
Have the ability to create an inspired future
Heal past traumas that prevent you from living your dream
Identify and choose the emotions you really want to feel
Increase inner peace and contentment
Learn techniques to align emotional states with desired outcome
Master communication from the inside out
Release limiting beliefs and thought patterns that prevent you from feeling successful

Other benefits include. . .

If you’ve already graduated from one of our coaching programs, such as #1101 Neuro-Linguistic Coaching® (140hrs/14 CEU’s) or #1102 Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy® (149 hrs/15 CEU’s), you will gain a new platform to address women’s issues and lead groups.

If you’re currently enrolled in #2101, our Masters Level Certification Program, Life Trance-Formation Coach™ (HRS/CEU’S NEEDED), then you will also have 27 hours/CEU’S to apply toward your 400-hour master’s certification requirement.

Please contact me now to learn more about this unique program! Be sure to provide your phone number and the most convenient time to call.

Step into your light!


Sandra Vesterstein
Bennett/Stellar University
802.598.6078 Direct
888.432.1122 Ext 4 Toll free
E-mail: sandra@imagineit.org


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