TranceFormation Life Coaching

with Megan Rose Long

I help people transform limiting, self-defeating, habitual thoughts and behaviors into positive, empowering thoughts and behaviors…

130731_Megan_Headshot_Final_cropI have been trained in Healing and Success Arts and Sciences as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Timeline Coach & Trauma Release Specialist, Nero-linuistic Life Coach, Communications & Life Mastery Specialist, Reiki I&II and Dream Sculpting. I have had over 400 hours of clinical training, plus 200 hours of practice hours with 100% positive feed back from clinical work.

I believe that every one person is able to be the best person they can be with the tools that they have been given. It is my goal to help you to determine the useful tools from the not so useful tools and restructure them in a way that could benefit the rest of your life.

As I received the gift of inner-communication I wish to TranceForm others through my experience as a Nero-linguistic Hypnotist and Reiki Life Coach. It took me this one moment for me to take into account my entire belief structure (once I was given the tools) to take accountability for my feelings and give translation in my emotion to take control of my life. And this is the gift I wish to share with you…

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