Performing VS Being

Are you playing a role rather than being who you really are? Are you feeling confused about the next chapter of your life?

Are you ready to stop objectifying yourself?

If not now, then when?

Does this sound familiar?

Somewhere within the process of living, you began to identify with the roles you played: Wife and mother, sister and friend, employer and employee. As a result, you stopped seeing yourself as a person with needs and feelings, a person with dreams, desires and aspirations, and a person who possesses extraordinary gifts.

And then the blame cycle started to spin. . .

What happens when we blame others for our lack of direction?

The pattern continues—and breeds such anger and resentment within us that it becomes even more difficult to take off the masks of anxiety and depression.

Before I took off my mask, I didn’t believe I had skills. I saw myself as just a support person and wondered when it was going to be my turn. People would call me for guidance and few were around when I needed support. I would objectify everyone around me, labeling them as needy or selfish or takers.

When I first explored becoming a Neuro-Linguistic coach, I had one excuse after another for why I couldn’t participate in the training. At that time, I met a remarkable woman who asked me this question:  “Who would you be without your story?”.

This was a major turning point, as I finally realized that I was the only person holding me hostage.

I decided to take the bold step to invest in myself. I began my coaching career—and guess what happened?

That’s right. . .Doors started opening. Possibilities were revealed.

Guess what happened next?

My children told me I was a better mom—and I realized that I was more present with them as well as other people in my life!

Imagine that!

I also discovered that my happiness had been derived from the roles I played—not from who I was as a person. When I focused on being with others rather than working with them, I was able to genuinely embrace and share my gifts. As a result of stepping into my authentic self, I was finally present for my self and others.

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THIS is my story now. . .

I began a new chapter in my life, one that resonates with my Divine Sacred Self!

Are you ready to begin writing yours? One where you step into your Divine Sacred Self, where YOU experience more love, joy, inspiration, confidence, freedom, deeper connections, fulfillment, success, and most all, a life filled with infinite possibilities?

I am honored to say that I have guided hundreds of women to take this step.

So Take it Now and join me in San Diego for my next Women-N-Spirit retreat—because you are ready to write a new chapter in your life, and to transform your dreams and aspirations into reality.

If not now. . .when?
Step into Your Light!

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