Who would you be without your story?

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Who would you be without your story?

So often, I hear women tell stories of being “less than,” “not good enough” or “wronged by” others. What truly amazes me is that this story is not a reflection of who they are today. It is a reflection of who they were in the past. The end result is that many of us live in our past, rather than in the now, which reflects our current self.

Does this sound familiar? Would you like to live in a way that reflects the woman you have truly grown and evolved to be?

When the old story of you is triggered by current life events, you go on automatic pilot. When you experience life in a way that honestly doesn’t demonstrate where you want to go, you have to change that program in your mind. It is as if you need an upgrade for the one currently running so it can access alternate programs, or patterns, that are congruent with the life you want to live.

It sounds simple, right?

Yes and no. . .

Because let’s face it, there is no one that wakes up in the morning and says, “Oh goodie! I can’t wait to have a crappy day—or a day filled with negative drama!”

“Just change your thoughts,” is something we hear every day. If it was just that simple, we would do it, wouldn’t we?

My personal experience working with women is that once they change their internal program to reflect where they want to go, their thoughts change automatically.

Wouldn’t you like that to be your experience, too?

At a Women-N-Spirit seminar, you will gain greater understanding on how to change the story you have been telling yourself. You will experience lasting change and truly step into the co-creator within you to design the story of your dreams.

Yes, it is true. . .Living a successful, inspired, and fulfilling life isn’t for a chosen few. It is for you, too!

Join me for a Women-N-Spirit retreat, and then allow me to guide you to nurture and take care of yourself—to be the woman you were divinely created to be.

Bring two friends and your tuition is free.  Become part of the movement that supports and encourages women to live a N-Spirit life and become their best self.

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