Motivating, Inspiring and Healing…

A Testimonial from a Client

Motivating, Inspiring and Healing; these are all descriptive words I could use relative to Women “N” Spirit and they would all be painting an accurate picture.  However; the picture would be incomplete.  There are no words adequate to describe this magical 3 day journey into self, into your very essence as a woman and into your destiny.  A destiny you have always known was there waiting for you, but it always seemed just barely hidden behind a fog.  Maybe a fog of your own self doubt.  Maybe due to a broken wing that prevented you from soaring to your highest version of self.
I am 63 and finally know what it feels like to love myself, care for myself and realize the best of me.  It has been a heart opening journey and Sandra has been a most loving, knowledgeable guide.  If you are blessed with the opportunity to experience Women “N” Spirit and to discover your true self under the gentle guidance of Sandra Vesterstein, don’t walk, run to her nearest 3 day retreat.

Darlene Zia-Shakeri

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