I can now talk…

A testimonial From a Client

It’s so amazing to hear from you!!

I would like to share a testimonial sent to me at the beginning of the year. I couldn’t have received a more beautiful gift!….Thank you Cassandra!

Hello Sandra, I wanted to tell you how much you helped me when I was younger.

My mother brought me to see you out of desperation because every other therapist and psychologist we had tried could not help me. You may remember me, I had witnessed an accident at 14, which left a little girl dead and her mother in critical condition.

I had nightmares, and trust issues, and very serious post traumatic stress disorder. Most likely survivors guilt too. I couldn’t speak or think about the accident without horrible images and extreme pain. I felt guilty for what had happened and that I could not save the girl.

You gave me hypnotherapy and neuro programming treatment, helped me deal with the problem, and separate the images from the pain. If I hadn’t have come see you I would not have been able to deal with my guilt. I have grown a lot since then, and have seen the difference you made in my life. I wanted to sincerely thank you for your help in making my life better.

I can now talk about what happened without those feelings and have a healthy and loving relationship with my family. I still feel sorrow about what happened, but nothing could ever change that. But what you did for me changed my life, and brought me through a terrible time. I wouldn’t have what I do today if it wasn’t for you. You truly are an amazing woman, and I hope to be as influential to people as you are.

I heard from my mother that you share my story with people when you speak, and I wanted you to know I am honored to be one of your success stories. If you ever wanted me to speak for you I would love to share with people what you have done for me, and to show others the power of your own mind. How it is possible to get better, no matter how traumatic the event and how far I have come as a person from it.

Thank you again, I can never repay the kindness you have done for me.

Cassandra Child